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Композиция: Sky Is Mine

Исполнитель: Amorphis

Добавлен mp3: 2015-04-04

Длительность: 04:20

Просмотрено: 400

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Текст песни:

From my world the sun faded
And the moon from my sky was gone with stars
I came home to a bleak room of sorrow
Forsaken house, place of grief, in solitude

I listened to my heart beating
The faint rush of my blood
I listened to my heart beating
The echoes from space

Something moving in the emptiness
Something drew me near
Someone told me of my future deeds
Whispered them in my ear

The sky stirred
The lights of space flared
Beneath my feet
The living earth started to breath

The sky is mine
This sword is mine
This fate is mine
This miracle, mine

From steel I made the master's sword
Cleaving stone, cliff, a mountain
From darkness I stepped
Onto the path of stars

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