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Композиция: Strangelove(реклама Gucci Guilty)

Исполнитель: Bat for Lashes

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-11

Длительность: 03:14

Просмотрено: 323

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Текст песни:

There'll be times
When my crimes
Will seem almost unforgivable
I give in to sin
Because you have to make this life livable
But when you think I've had enough
From your sea of love
I'll take more than another riverful
And I'll make it all worthwhile
I'll make your heart smile

Strange highs and strange lows
That's how my love goes
Will you give it to me
Will you take the pain
I will give to you
Again and again
And will you return it

There'll be days
When I stray
I may appear to be
Constantly out of reach
I give in to sin
Because I like to practice what I preach
I'm not trying to say
I'll have it all my way
I'm always willing to learn
When you've got something to teach
And I'll make it all worthwhile
I'll make your heart smile

Pain will you return it
I'll say it again - pain
Pain will you return it
I won't say it again

I give in
Again and again
I give in

Клип Friendly Fires and Bat For Lashes - Strangelove (Guilty remix)

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