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Композиция: Ghetto Gospel

Исполнитель: Biggie, 2pac & Akon

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-17

Длительность: 04:30

Просмотрено: 422

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Текст песни:

Our lifestyles be close captioned
addicted to fatal attractions
Pictures of actions be played back
in the midst of mashin'
No fairy tales for this young black male
Some see me stranded in this land of hell, jail, and crack sales
Hustlin' and heart be a nigga culture
or the repercutions while bustin' on backstabbin' vultures
Sellin' my soul for material wishes, fast cars
Wishin' I live my life a legend, immortalized in pictures
Why shed tears? Save your sympathy
My childhood years were spent buryin' my peers in the cemetary
Here's a message to the newborns, waitin' to breathe
If you believe then you can achieve
Just look at me
Against all odds, though life is hard we carry on
Livin' in the projects, broke with no lights on
To all the seeds that follow me
protect your essence
Born with less, but you still precious

Клип Biggie, 2pac Akon - Ghetto Gospel (Music Video)

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