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Композиция: Sucking my dick this hip-hop chick

Исполнитель: Dance party. Dance! Dance!

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-07

Длительность: 02:51

Просмотрено: 300

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Текст песни:

And so this hip-hop chick is sucking my dick
Sucking my dick this hip-hop chick.
Hip-hop chick is sucking my dick,
Sucking my dick this hip-hop chick.

Put your hands up,
Put your hands up,
Cause we ain't gonna stop,
We ain't gonna stop.

Swear! That you won't motherfucking swear! I hope you swear, yeah! That you won't motherfucking swear!


And I say...

Shoot milk out your eyes
It's something to be proud of.

Where's your head now? Where's your head? Where's your hat now?

Bang your head to it! Yeah! Come on! Let's go!
Shake your ass to it! Yeah! Come on! Let's go!
Stab your friends to it, yeah! Come on! Let's go!
Don't stab your friends to it now! Come on! Let's go!

It's about that time when shit is getting old,
Nevermind that, honey, just prepare for the show!
Fun is unavoidable thingy tonight.
The only thing that's left is just to wave hands and fly!

We're getting tired, we're uninspired
and so used up, but we don't wanna go home!
Cause one more step, I mean, just one more hit,
I mean just one more shot - and the party goes on!

Клип Dance Party. Dance! Dance! - DJ OD'd

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