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Композиция: My Savior

Исполнитель: Dead by April

Добавлен mp3: 2015-07-17

Длительность: 03:36

Просмотрено: 372

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Текст песни:

So there you were,
Alone with those ablazing eyes,
Like an angel brought to life,
You have my destiny.

I’m free! You are my Saviour!
I’m free! You are my guiding star!
All I need is you(is you)!

I try to fight
For so many years I have tried
You brought me back to life
Changed my world,guided me

I’m free! You are my Saviour!
I’m free! You are my guiding soul!
All I need is you!
I am free!..
I’m free! You are (You are…) my Saviour! (My Saviour!)
I’m free! You are (You are!) my guiding soul!
All I need (All I need!) is you!
Is You!!

Клип Dead By April - My Saviour (full/album version) Lyrics

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