Lilly Wood & The Prick - Prayer In C медленная версия - релакс - медленная музыка релакс

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Композиция: Prayer In C (медленная версия - релакс)

Исполнитель: Lilly Wood & The Prick

Добавлен mp3: 2016-08-16

Длительность: 02:36

Просмотрено: 4871

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Текст песни:

Yeah, You never said a word

You didn’t send me no letter

Don’t think I could forgive you
See our world is slowly dying
I’m not wasting no more time
Don’t think i could believe you

Yeah, our hands will get more wrinkled
And our hair will be grey
Don’t think i could forgive you

And see the children are starving
And their houses were destroyed
Don’t think they could forgive you

Hey, when seas will cover lands
And when men will be no more
Don’t think you can forgive you

Yeah when there’ll just be silence
And when life will be over
Don’t think you will forgive you

Клип Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz - Prayer In C (Robin Schulz Remix) (Official)

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