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Композиция: Spaceship Earth

Исполнитель: MC Xander

Добавлен mp3: 2014-12-20

Длительность: 06:39

Просмотрено: 444

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Текст песни:

Check this I'm sick of the tricks, sick of the purists.
For ages we misfits not talking bout what day it is.
The world has made us into capitalistic fatalists,
I looking around this place but can't find the people that I came with.

Will all the real truly free people please stand up,
tell me somebody out there still hasn't given up.
Is this living of ours living up to the vision or does this revolution stop at your coffee cup, huh,

Fuck this, I'm sick of the shit, sick of the business,
sick of the world tending to be my witness,
sick of pretending to be this identity hypothesis, force my metamorphosis,
throw my caution to the wind with total thoughtlessness.

I and I is a hungry soul,
society gone bad but we need not fall
so face the demons stealing into these maddening days,
find them in the minds eye, take aim and blow them away.

We got to purify, from the inside out.

Check the bass, check the middle, check the treble
but lets take this music to another level.
We're like pebbles dropping into the water
causing ripples for our sons and daughters,
there's no borders,
just all of us shouting orders.

Today it's spiritual this, spiritual that, tell me you heard this:
Presidents talking about a higher purpose.
If they're TALKING about this shit
we've got to be LIVING it in earnest, become impervious,
so the holy wars will never hurt us.

One love, one god, one world, one something..
but loads of words that don't mean nothing.
You can't fool me with fantasy circus circling semblances of sacred service,
only want to know what is your holy purpose.

I and I is a fighting soul,
I am one man but I am you all,
so spread the wealth, slake the worlds thirst
but know we can only save the world when we say ourselves first.

We got to purify, from the inside out.

So yes be angry, yes be mad, yes be shocked and awed
but whatever the fuck you do don't be bored.
Yes the beat don't stop this epoch's not the end,
cities chock-a-block but still got oxygen,
still got, something to fight for,
die for, something to live my life for
and I intend to be one of the survivors,
but that's is cos, the buck stops with us,
no ifs no buts, no matter who you cuss.
If your not on the bus it wont be enough to save you,
if you don't reach the ocean the tide wont turn in your favour
and all those leaving planet earth will be like 'See ya later'....

We got to purify, from the inside out.'

Клип MC Xander 'Spaceship Earth'

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