Murderdolls - Dead In Hollywood - перевод песни murderdolls dead in hollywood

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Композиция: Dead In Hollywood

Исполнитель: Murderdolls

Добавлен mp3: 2015-03-01

Длительность: 02:30

Просмотрено: 354

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Текст песни:

Hey Frankenstein, what's on your mind?
Hey Dracula, I heard you.... suck
Now Vincent Price, was Dr. Phibes
Come steal my brain Fritz
And take it to Dr. Frankenstein

(Pre Chorus)
Well you can knock on Ed Wood
But it won't do you no good
No, no, no, no, no good
Cause all of my heroes are dead in Hollywood

Hey Norman Bates, how are your rates?
Hey Leatherface, remove my... face
Hey Tall Man, just take my hand
And lead me to your red planet

(Pre Chorus)

You're so dead in, dead in Hollywood
Dead, you're so dead in, dead in Hollywood

D,E,A,D, that's how I wanna be

(Pre Chorus)

Whoa, dead in Hollywood
Whoa, dead in Hollywood

Клип Murderdolls - Dead In Hollywood [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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