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Композиция: 5 Years Time

Исполнитель: Noah And The Whale

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-14

Длительность: 03:35

Просмотрено: 330

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Текст песни:

Oh, well, in five years time we could be walking round the zoo
With the sun shining down in every me and you

And there’ll be love in the bodys of the elephants tool
I’ll put my hands of your eyes, but you pick throught

And there’ll be sun, sun, sun
All over our bodys.
And sun, sun, sun
I’ll die in next
There’ll be sun, sun, sun
All over our faces
And sun, sun, sun
So, what the hell

‘cause i’ll be laughing around your silly little jokes
And we’ll be laughing about how we use to smoke
All those stupid little cigarretes and drinks to put wine
‘cause it’s what we need to have good times

But it was fun, fun, fun
When we were drinking.
It was fun, fun, fun
When we were drunk
And it was fun, fun, fun
When we were laughing
It was fun, fun, fun
Oh, it was fun.

Oh, well, i look while you’re saying: “it’s the happiest that i’ve ever been”
And i’ll say: “i love to feel that i have to be james dean”
And you say: “yeah, and i feel a pretty happy too, and i’m always pretty happy when i’m just thinking about with you”

And will be love, love, love
Love throught our bodys.
Love, love, love
All throught our minds
And will be love, love, love
All over her face
And love, love, love
All over our minds.

And i’ll remember all these moments suggesting my head
I’ll be thinking about then and there’s lying in bed
And i know that you believe that might not keeping come through
But in my mind i’m having a pretty time with you

Five years time
I might not know it
Five years time
We might not speak
And five years time
We might not care about
Five years time
We might to prove it along

Oh, there’ll be love, love, love
Wherever you go
There’ll be love, love, love

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