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Композиция: Mad Energy

Исполнитель: Onyx

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-14

Длительность: 02:38

Просмотрено: 481

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Текст песни:


Give me that energy
Hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah
I feed off your energy
Hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah
Mad energy

Verse 1

Who you know that can lift a crowd up off their feet?
Make em go so crazy it spills out in the street
I’m like a hundred thousand volts of electricity
To hell what they talk about it gotta be me
I murdered the best I’m so loud I’m heard by the deaf
I got that boombap you can feel right in your chest
You ain’t Jimi Hendix don’t play me to the left
Hold up give me a sec let me catch my breath
I’m 180 over 125
I’m too wild that’s why my blood pressure’s high
Feel like I can touch the sky


Give me that energy
Hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah
I feed off your energy
Hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah
I need that energy
Hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah
Pick up the energy
Hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah
Mad energy
Mad energy

Verse 2

That’s what’s missing from the game
Onyx get it crunk that’s some wacka flocka flame
So let’s do it New York influenced
Ooh god damn I’m about to lose it
Can’t control my zip-up bout to blow off steam
We get it amped up like the whole club on amphetamines
This is how they want it high performance
I go all out on stage when I’m on it
Pick up the mic and then I ? my aggression
Gotta get it off my chest it’s like I’m benchpressing
So pump pump pump pump me up
Feed off the energy straight from the crowd then I jump
Jump jump jump jump jump jump
Everybody say hell yeah


Verse 3

I’m like a CBGB moshpit
I just returned from the future seen the apocalypse
Fuck being told what to do fuck your politics
Fuck your Patron I’ll make you swallow a hollow tip
Then I light up a chronic spliff rest in peace Uncle Howie
Throw your guns in the air on some Onyx shit
We stage dive where piranhas swim
Walk across the hands of my fans like the water that the messiah did
We make the wall sweat fire kid
Uncontrollable police blow up the show wearing riot gear
We break atoms and defy science here
Ill Bill plus Onyx equals pioneers


Клип ONYX - MAD Energy 2011 video

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