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Композиция: Song About Arstotzka

Исполнитель: Papers, Please

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-13

Длительность: 01:43

Просмотрено: 419

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Текст песни:

From East Grestin to Orhvech Vonor
Working is highest honor.
Our labour lottery improve economy.
Kolechians, they see, all of them want to be.

Check all papes, finish after dark.
No citations. Reward - shiny plaque.
Must make money. Many things I need:
Thirty days - no food. Why I choose heat?!
Life is hard. Please God help me!
Child is dead, wife is sick - mother-in-law healthy!

Desk very messy, situation dire.
Mix up passport with 'Pink Vice' flyer.
Border always crazy, stories very funny -
Man with passport from Impor, but issued Lesrenadi!
'Ha-ha, was not born yesterday, repablia scam!'

Citizen must do his duty quelling population.
Protect border, uphold the nation.
If citizen perform his duty with no complication,
Citizen retire with a Class 4 Dwelling Habitation.

Glory to Arztotzka!
'Cause no trouble...'

От Алтана до Парадизны
Работа - цель нашей жизни.
С Рабочею игрой - тунеядцам бой!

Клип Papers, Please: The Anthem (Main Theme with lyrics!)

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