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Композиция: I show you secrets

Исполнитель: Pharao

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-17

Длительность: 04:02

Просмотрено: 430

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Текст песни:

I show you secrets of your life
Come with me to the mystery of music

I show you secrets of your life
Secrets of your mind
The mystery of music will find a way
One day - one day

Let me come inside your mind
What's the mystery I will find
Is it love or is it time
Is it yours or is it mine
Let me feel
Let me give you the rhythm
Position of love is what I'm feeling inside
catch up
Before you lose me
Don't look so
you might not know me
Growing up
What's the mystery of music
Will it find it's way
Or will it lose it
There's a different way
To know the answers
Hold your head in the rain
think faster
Time is running out
do you know
Feel the vibe
so why let it not grow
Open your heart
Free your mind
give me your love
And feel the rhythm let go

I show you secrets ...

I show you secrets ...

Try to think
But my mind it ponders
Try the reason with
But I wonder
What's this thing called another
Don't fight the feeling
Let the sound take over
Atmosphere around my head
the music's turning me wet
Thoughts of peace
But no one in the world understands me
What do I do
I lose control
I giv the rhythm my soul
Let it a side
find a way
To make this world a better place
Only one way to know
What's to do it.
Open your heart
free your mind
Give your soul to the music
Just do it
And feel the vibe

I show you secrets ...

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