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Композиция: There Is A Star

Исполнитель: Pharao

Добавлен mp3: 2016-01-11

Длительность: 03:53

Просмотрено: 353

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Текст песни:

31 seconds and we're gone from auto sequence start
10 seconds... 4... 3... 2... 1... Ignition and lift-off

There is a star
There is a star

There is a star, there is a star
There must be one
Whatever you wish it will be done
And if you believe the star's always shining
There is a star, there is a star

Star light, so bright. First star
I see tonight. Make me think about life
The meaning you and me, myself, I
Can you picture why
If your mind is strong, no matter what's going on
Believe in yourself and shine on
And the meaning is so clear to see
Understand the power then a life goes deep
Then a life goes deep

Just let it go, but believe in you,
Do what you want to do, with the limit true
Twinkle, twinkle see the star
Now believe in who you are
Cause all you want is a future of love and peace
Then everything is clear to see
The starting point is the star
Just believe in who you are

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