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Композиция: When I Fall In Love '60

Исполнитель: Sandra Dee (Русская Происхождение)

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-10

Длительность: 03:01

Просмотрено: 357

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Текст песни:

When I fall in love,
It will be forever,
Or I'll never fall in love.

In a restless world,
Like this is,
Love is ended
Before it's begun.
And too many moonlight kisses,
Seem to cool in the warmth of the sun.

When I give my heart,
It will be completely,
Or I'll never give my heart.

And the moment I can feel that,
You feel that way too,
Is when I fall in love with you.

And the moment I can feel that
You feel that way too,
Is when I fall in love...
With you.

Клип Sandra Dee - When I Fall In Love

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