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Композиция: Ringtone Money

Исполнитель: Nightclub Fight Club

Добавлен mp3: 2015-12-17

Длительность: 05:11

Просмотрено: 319

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Текст песни:

Hook (KSol):
Nightclub in your phone
listen and you sing along
gettin that ringtone money

Post-Hook (Mike):
V to the dot, I dot, to the P
gettin that Ringtone M O N E
why would anybody wanna test me?
you see I be NCFC

At the barber thinkin up all of the freshest sentences
Thinkin if rap was hair, I'm just gettin a session in
but what's life without a mic for Mike to let settle in the punchlines
got a snack for these little kids meddlin
dawg, naw, don't fake like you had your paw down
on the fact that I been makin Scooby lines for three bars now
And now make it four, cuz when you see me, you run scared
twat? I cunt hear you with my infuckted ear
so run cuz you ain't got a pair, pussy you can beat it
Michael at the bitch buffet, get all the pussy he can eat
and please just try to test me, I'll ace it, don't need to cheat it
the game got my back, cho, you can believe it
and leave it to Beaver to be leavin you motherfuckers speechless
so easy for me to be me and be what the game be needin
I'm playin the game for green and fame the same, I ain't conceited
blame the playa, not the game... but not the MVP
empty me of all the rhymes, I be writin em all the time
gettin high in the meadows (Johnny), only homies get that line
I ain't lyin, I'm aite, but I could always get higher
so pass that blunt around like you passin out a flyer
It's that fire in that blunt, but ain't the only reason why (why)
the fire comin out of my mouth, it's all about them lines (white)
Askin why the white man gonna step up to the mic (white)
I ain't shy, I'll reply, I'm pretty fly for a white guy (white)

Put-me-in-the-water flow, daggertooth deadly
'na mean? And I dont need the lean, my swagga too heavy already
so deadly call me Mr. Nick
first name Arsa, nullify the weak, yeah we
crushin bitch rappers like ice, so sharp we got them
veterans head scratchin like lice, and we dont play nice
What they after? Announcin they name and they spoutin
they lame shit soundin the same, The Club is out for a change because
the game is full of 2-bit rappers, but I'm like 20 Gigabytes
I copyright in case if any nigga bites
And yeah so many niggas writin flows that's like the old me
I bust em, you need some harder bars you wanna hold me
phony, Pillsbury ain't got this kind of dough, B
Unobtainable rocks like I tore down Hometree
At shows, see you chasin off the fanbase
The Club is so sharp and so fly it's like the blades broke off of the fan base
hit you with it, now you got a banned face
That way when they see you at the club you gettin sent back home
now I'm attackin your backbone like scoliosis
Do-si-do with homies spittin so gross that I call em halitosis
Notice how we own this? You soft like cheddar cheese
And gettin popped like ketamine, your flow is like a breeze
it blows it what I mean, now are you listening?
I'm second to the battle, so before you die, you see the ring

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